Software Aesthetics

Software aesthetics

Visual forms of computer art

  • Science, art and aesthetics
    • Traditional & digital art analogies
    • Aesthetic forms generated by algorithms
  • Art forms
    • Figuration
    • Abstraction
    • Construction
    • Improvisation
  • Evolutionary forms
    • Aesthetics of living nature
    • Authorship issues
  • Reproductive forms
    • Recycling and remix
    • Originality issues
  • Random forms
    • Aesthetics of inanimate nature



Digital improvisation

Digital improvisation

FlashFlashPollock WWWJacksonPollock WWWNeonflames WWWNoize Sparks MS WindowsPollock MS WindowsPollock2 AndroidPollock App JavaPseudoPollock MS WindowsQTFeedback MS WindowsSandbox WWWScribblerToo WWWSilk MS WindowsMac OSXSyfluid WWWViscosity

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