Towards Computer Art

Towards mathematical art

Art in the 20th and 21st centuries

  • Intersections of art and science
    • Symmetry
    • Proportion
    • Perspective
  • Pre-computer art
    • Modernism, avantgarde and post-modernism
    • Contributions of mathematics and geometry
  • Computer-aided art
    • New media and postmedia
    • Beauty of generative code
    • Current topics in software art



Ascii art & letterism

Ascii art and letterism

MS WindowsAscgen 2 MS WindowsAscii Art MS WindowsAscii Art Generator MS WindowsAscii Art Maker MS WindowsASCIIprinter MS WindowsCalliGraph MS WindowsComputator Vision JavaJava Ascii Versatile Editor MS WindowsLetterist Mac OSXMS WindowsLinuxPabloDraw Mac OSXMS WindowsTagxedo MS WindowsTexGen MS WindowsTextaizerPro JavaTextCollage WWWTexter MS WindowsTextGesture MS WindowsTextOrgan WWWTextorizer MS WindowsWordaizer MS WindowsWordizer

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